NASA’s new Fusion Driven Rocket could cut travel time to Mars from 6 months to under 30 days



NASA have announced their new Fusion Driven Rocket as “The future of manned space exploration”.

The revolutionary technology would allow rapid velocity through Nuclear Fusion. This could be up to six times faster than conventional spacecraft propulsion methods, meaning rapidly reduced travel time.

The FDR “releases its energy directly into the propellant, not requiring conversion to electricity. It employs a solid lithium propellant that requires no significant tankage mass.” (

Travelling to Mars in under 30 days could be the key to sending up the first Human, but others have more extravagant plans.



SpaceX, founded by Paypal and Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk, have some lofty ambitions for the colonisation of space, beginning with Mars. Musk wants to build a reusable rocket, capable to ferrying up to 80,000 passengers over the coming decades in a ambitious colonisation effort. He also believes tickets could come down as low as $500,000 per passenger.

Building a colony on Mars could once be seen as purely Science Fiction, but evermore we’re seeing a blending between reality and fiction. What was once the dreams of tomorrow are rapidly becoming ambitious, yet rational, plans for the near future. Technologies such as the 3D printing of buildings, food and medicine can allow a colony to grow rapidly, and these are the technologies that can help.

While Musk’s plans may be a few years ahead of where we currently are, technological advances such as the Fusion Driven Rocket could become the catalyst to bring our future closer than we think.


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