Our Rapidly Increasing Consumption of Technology and Data



Our relationship with technology is changing. We’re consuming more, interacting more and utilising more technology in our everyday lives than ever before…and the rate at which we’re doing so is increasing at incredible speeds.

In terms of pure data consumption, it’s thought that we’re now exposed to as much data in a single day than someone in the 15th century would be in their entire lifetime. That’s an astounding fact.

When it comes down to numbers, we can see that our personal consumption of technology is growing at a rapid rate:

In 1999 our average daily intake of technology was around 6 hours – this could be anything from TV to radio to computer use.

In 2005 it was 7.5 hours, with a decline in radio and an increase in computer usage.
Here’s where it gets interesting. In 2009, our average time shot up to 10 hours 45 minutes, a huge jump comparably. This can be linked directly to the advancements in smart phone technology. We no longer need to sit at a desk to use a computer, they’re in the palm of our hands and accessible everywhere we go.

Now we’re in 2013, and while the numbers don’t exist for our current daily consumption of technology, I think they’d be incredible. Many of us are now engaging with technology more often that anything else, even sleep. Could this number rise to 13 hours? 14? 90% of our day?

Smart phones are no longer a novelty device, they’re now an extension of our body – of our brains. They link us to the cloud, where we can communicate with others via voice, text, video – we can entertain ourselves, educate ourselves and spend hours doing…nothing…but the key point is that we’re still engaging with technology on some level – we’re still consuming data, even if it’s meaningless Facebook updates or Tweets.

Our relationship with technology will only grow closer. We’re hooked on consuming more and more, we crave fresh content – but that’s OK as everyone can make their opinion heard, anyone can capture the attention of millions from the comfort of their own home…or walking down the street…or in a cafe…

Bringing the point back to data consumption, we now have access to this huge data field, an unimaginable amount to choose from – all accessible wherever, whenever, at your fingertips. It’s no wonder that we’re consuming as much in a day as an individual would in their entire lifetime in the 15th Century…

5 thoughts on “Our Rapidly Increasing Consumption of Technology and Data

  • Great post. Do you happen to have a source for “It’s no wonder that we’re consuming as much in a day as an individual would in their entire lifetime in the 15th Century…” that’d be a great talking piece for me.

  • I totally agree with you, 100%. I often find it somewhat sad that some humans spend the majority of their waking hours on technology. And the term “technology” has definitely become very vague. It can be as easy as 5 hours of instagram or twitter. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you think of the things you are viewing and learning while using this technology, it isn’t necessarily thought-provoking to the brain.

    Some people I know, have strings of 10 tweets in an hour, and none of them make sense in relation to the other. Our brains have hit hyperspeed, and we are all losing our minds.

  • I am one of those people who spends countless hours hooked up to the net , even in my sleep my brain is taking in more data , even if its only music i have playing whilst im asleep. My point is , as a species we have come to a point where physically , we can no longer evolve physically any further , we have no need to , so our evolution from this point on must be self-induced , we should use our knowledge of technology and our access to infinite data to enhance our lives further. We have the most power creation ever conceived at our finger tips , the internet , in all its wondrous glory , has given us the chance to know everything the human race has ever learnt , and to pass that knowledge on to people who live half way around the world , this collaboration of knowledge and minds should give us the boost we need to further cement our future . At the rate our technology is evolving i wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this century we had eliminated the certainty of death itself all together. Because at the end of the day all we are are organic machines , our brains are just squishy computers run by electrical signals all we have to do is find away to intergrate our minds with the machines we have build and then BAM! instant access to any and all knowledge we have accumulated as a species.

    Just to be clear i for one think this is a good thing.

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